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Pearl Jewelry PearlOpal Jewelry Opal : as a mineral
Jewels Shine at Auction Forget the Afterlife, These Are for Here and NowNice ice - Diamond jewelry still tops for retailers Sotheby's blue diamonds set another color record
Tanzanite celebration of life jewelry design awards 2006 Tanzanite : as a mineralThe bridal category remains solid as a rock Loose Diamonds - Most Popular Diamond Cuts
Historic stones rule the day at Christie's 'Emeralds for Elephants' collection to hit LondonTopaz Jewelry Photos Topaz : as a mineral
Jewelry Art Awards 2009 of Jewelry Artist Magazine Famous Emeralds History of Gold Black Diamonds
Red-hot diamond on block at Sotheby's Australia Swarovski latest to fall under silver’s spell Stuller system gets Kera bead sales rolling A Storied Name in Jewelry Makes a Comeback
By choice or not, jewelers fall off brand-wagon Yael Designs celebrates Earth Day with 'Pacifica' QVC, Smithsonian partnering on jewelry line De Beers' 'Millenium Blue' sells for $6 million
In Pictures: America's Most Popular Diamond Cuts Etruscan-inspired gold exhibit sets sail for U.S. Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings run the Gamut World's most famous 'unseen' diamond
Color Diamonds Dazzle New York Blinged Out Bluetooth Red-Hot Rocks - July’s Birthstone
Ruby Christie's Auctions Two Huge Gems
Citrine - Jewelry Photos Citrine - as a mineral Aquamarine - Jewelry photos Aquamarine on Quartz
Amethyst : as a mineral Amethyst - Jewelry Photos Aquamarine - as a mineral Jewelry Art Awards 2007 of Jewelry Artist Magazine
Diamond : as a mineral Sapphire : as a mineral Emerald : as a mineralRuby : as a mineral

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